Saturday, February 6, 2010

Razorback: The Resin Connection

Today I worked on my new command razorback. The turret is from Forgeworld and assembled without problem. I don't know the manufacture for the resin extra armor, but it did not fit very well at all.

The front plate required about 1/4" worth of resin to be scraped off to fit. Also, the corner armor pieces had 1/8" gaps around them. Overall a very poor fit, and required a few hours of work with putty and a knife to fit.

I used a 2 part epoxy resin to attach the parts together. I find the epoxy in a tube attaches models much better the super glue.

It will be painted up to transport my Liberian and his Sternguard escort. Should be a nice centerpiece to my mechanised marines.

... Mitch


  1. The extra armor is by Chapterhouse Studios.

  2. Salamander logo on the front looks great. Does that kit count as EA on the RB?

  3. Bonham63 > I'll be using it as extra armor. In freindly games, I could always use it as codex: armageddon style where it is cermite armor, that removes the extra D6 on close range meltaguns

    Eric > Thanks. if you look close, its not actully the same design as the ones they sell, maybe differnt?