Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Future Project: Storm Wardens

After seeing the amazing work done by Ron and other members of From the Warp it has been very inspirational to say the least. So its decided what the left overs will be used for!
As for painting them up, I don't have allot of spare time on my hands. My wedding is soon, work is busy and I have other projects on the go. So, I am looking for a way to get them painted with a minimal effort. There is a few products out there, but one caught my eye: Army Painter Quickshade. If I do use Quickshade, I'll post an article and review on how it works.

... Mitch

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  1. I tell you, I have done a few of these now, and the colors have been a challenge for me, but I have come up with a method that works well. Not sure about the Quickshade, I am using GWs black wash thinned a bit over the basic colors and it seems to work well, but I hate painting silver.

    You know I have a resin mold with some SW goodies.

    Also I noticed you were a Blog Chain winner, let me know when you have a post ready so I can plug it on the blog, and keep it going.

    Santa Cruz Warhammer