Sunday, October 10, 2010

Possible Army for the GT?

Hey guys,

So some of you that know me in the real world probably already know that I won an invitation to the Grand Tournament at GameSummit last summer, and if you don't know about Gamesummit stop for a moment and educate yourselfs

Now on to the real reason for this post, I had been stuck for ideas on which army to bring to the Grand Tournament since I got the invitation, and I only recently decided that Tyranids was the way to go for me, so to gain a little motivation to get stuff done I'm going to be posting my progress on Ottawa Gamer.

So as you'll see I've already made progress on my army, and above are pics of my painted Hive Tyrant, Hive Guard and my Broodlord and his Genestealers. They are almost done I just need to finish the bases and some of the minor details( I haven't decided how I should paint thier claws/weapons yet)

Expect more Critters soon enough and let me know what you think of the models so far.
Toxic Alien

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