Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Highlights of 2010

2010 was a big year of allot of people, and possibly the biggest one ever for me! Here are a few highlight of last year in the eyes of the Ottawa Gamer!

Getting Married
One of the biggest things ever for me, is I got married on September 18, 2010.  We got married in my hometown of Timmins, Ontario. It was really fun, and we are both glad its over, due to the stress involved with the planning!

Codex: Blood Angels
I've always loved the back story on these guys, and this codex is full of them. It inspired me to start putting together the parts for my next major project. I'm still debating on two chapters at the moment. I am thinking of doing Knights of Blood, or Storm Wardens. In the end, I really want to do a Silver based marine force, with either blue or red as the accent color. Maybe I'll just do Knights of Blood as the main force, and make a few Storm Wardens squads. Who knows how this will turn out, but I do have a suitcase of spare miniatures that will be used for this army! Detailed step by steps will done done for this project, and will be the major highlight for 2011.

Pedobear and the 2010 Vancouver Olympics
I don't know if anyone remembers, but Pedobear made it into a newspaper with a spoofed logo in a few newspapers. I think it was absolutely hilarious!

Island of Blood
Looking back at recent boxed sets like Black Reach (2008), Space Hulk (2009) and Island of Blood (2010) shows that Games Workshop is putting out very high detailed simple construction kits on the market. I personally can't wait to see if 2011 will bring out another wicked box set like the last three!

Flames of War 
This great WW2 tabletop wargaming is making a huge splash in Eastern Ontario. Small gaming groups are sprouting up all over the place, which is great! The models are nice, the rules are smooth and who doesn't love historical gaming? Due to my love of model kits, I will be creating a mid/late war Panzer Division which will include allot of halftracks!

I didn't list some of the smaller things like a brand new Dell XPS15, a Sony LED television, tuned and detailed my car and other cool things. As you can see, 2010 was a very exciting year for me. 

Here is to 2011 and everything it brings!

... Mitch


  1. Looking forward to 2011, congrates to all that happened in 2010

  2. Congrats on your marriage, and agree wholeheartedly with your comment about GW's boxed sets and games. High quality - but at premium prices!

    So where do I find such a pretty wife who can put up with a gamer?