Saturday, August 22, 2009

Lava Bases: A how-to and Product Review!

Lava Bases

Hi guys, today I will be showing what I have been working on! Lava Bases for my Salamanders Army! The resin bases I am using and reviewing today are from Dark Art Miniatures. Klaus sculpted these bases himself and it shows.

The detail work is great, and varied between the 10 piece 25mm bases. The lava/magma itself looks like floating rocks, suspended in a lava flow, very hot looking lava. The 40mm bases are very similar in design and look great as well. My Terminators will enjoy there new bases. Last but not least is the 60mm base. This sculpt is great, and has a mini volcano on it with bubbling lava pouring out!

In general, the bases are of good weight and will support models well. Pinning will be required, and very much needed on a few of the oddly shaped 25mm bases. In the end, I would rate these bases a solid 9.5/10 and a recommended purchase!

For those interested to get the painted look I achieved:

1) Sand, file and clean the bases. Prime Black

2) I layered the following colors in succession: Dark Maroon Red, Dark Red, Bright Red, Orange (made from Bright Red and Dark Yellow mixed), Yellow. I used dots of white on the very hottest spots.

3) I did a drybrush of Dark Grey, then a light drybrush of Medium Grey. I used a Light Grey and manually added edge highlights.

I did use all the paints show in the pictures below to achieve the look I got.

... Mitch

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  1. Good job! Very fitting bases for Salamanders.