Friday, August 7, 2009

Motor Pool Update!

Here is a few pictures of the vehicles I am working on. I am using Tamiya German Grey for the base coat, and a 50/50 mix of orkhide/snot green for the green parts. A tan filter has/will be applied to remove contrast from the model. I can't wait to dig into my Tamiya weathering sticks!

I applied brass etch from ForgeWorld the the tanks. This was much more difficult then it looks to handle the small tiny parts. it does add a very nice look to the vehicles.

... Mitch


  1. Looking good. I'm sure when the weathering, scratches and detail are painted, they will look, quite realistic.

  2. Hi, are the extra armor pieces and brass etchings worth it? They are so expensive. Have you tried putting the brass etchings on a building or scenery yet?

    -brent in Korea