Friday, July 2, 2010

Basilica Administratum A

Today's showcase will feature the Basilica Administratum A. I assembled this building recently and I haven't decided on how to base it and paint it! Anyone have ideas?

... Mitch


  1. I would say mitch that that depends entirely on the theme of your table.

    Desert? Urban? icy? Jungle?

    How have you done your other structures?

    If it's a blank canvas I might be tempted to go for overgrown. a decent size MDF base, a scattering of aquarium plants, some flock. a few more stand alone peices of MDF done just as jungle peices, and you've got yourself a set of terrain you could probarbly use for a combat patrol or small game :)

  2. Nicely assembled! I think most of the basilica I see painted are black with gold highlights ... so I'd say do something a little different by using dark blue or dull red as the base colour!

  3. Karitas > I may do some overgrown trees along time some grey urban camo

    jabberjabber > thanks man!