Saturday, July 24, 2010

Review: Pegasus Technobridge

Recently I purchased a Pegasus HobbiesTechnobridge from The War Store. I picked it up because I've tried to make my own bridge, and it didn't turn out how I wanted. Everything in the box was already detached from its sprue, so clean up was really fast. The only thing that needed to be done, was remove some flash on the guardrails. Assembly took about ten minutes including taking pictures and glue. The size of the birdge is 8in wide and 12in long, and will fit two Rhino's side-by-side, or 1 large tank like a land Raider. For its cost of around $14, this is a great buy and would recommend it for anyone with there own gaming table. I plan on attaching the bridge to a hardboard base, and creating a set of river tiles, where the water is a green slimy industrial waste!

... Mitch


  1. Looks good. I've been wondering how the stuff would look assembled.

    Any chance you plan on putting up some scale shots so we can see them compared to the figures. Also, are those the pegasus buildings there? I'd really like to see those as well compared to the GW ones.

  2. I'm a fan of the Pegasus Hobbies line of products myself. I don't have the Technobridge yet, but I think this post has made up my mind.

    I see you have the ruins as well, and I can recommend the other Gothic sets as well. You can see those and some scale shots on my table. I know, I know, I really need to paint something...

  3. Warhammer39999 > SAJ has a great picture of the scale compared to Space Marines

    SAJ > I think I used your blog post to decide on Pegasus products!

  4. Thanks guys... great stuff there. I guess you're responsible for me spending more money. I'll send the wife your way when she's looking for someone to take it out on. :)