Thursday, January 12, 2012

Heavy Gear UMFA #5

General Purpose Squad

(This post should of been UMFA #3)

My GP squad is the second group of figures I am working on and boy do I like how Hunter 'Gears look with Frag Cannons. All this wouldn't of been possible without the help of flintlocklaser from the official DP9 forums

The first thing I decided with this army is how does it mesh with other components of the force. Considering I have a really great Fire Support squad featuring three long range equipped Grizzly's I a decided to do a close range blocking style force. The group is a Sabretooth, Tiger and four Hunter's with Fragcannons. This combat group should excel at dealing with close threat to my Fire support and Infantry threats. Nothing says more then a Shotgun with an AOE! Incase tanks come close? Heavy hand grenades should do the trick!

Here are some WIP shots of the squad so far

... Mitch


  1. Yeah. Heavy Gear rules require them. I much prefer them to round bases! :)