Monday, January 16, 2012

Heavy Gear UMFA #7

Drybrushing and Heavy Metal!

After the Sepia wash dried and harden, I did a light dry brushing of Dark Yellow to the Gears. This really did help the camo blend together. I also painted the weapons with Tamiya Gunmetal. Tomorrow will bring painting of more details like the rocket packs, weapon detail, power packs and bases.

Should I paint the edge of the Rocket Pods:
Yellow and black warning stripes
Red and black warning stripes
Paint them silver, no stripes

I mean, the classic was is yellow and back hazard stripes, with ends of the rockets being red. What about alternate rocket colors?

Ideas? Jordan? Followers? DP9 Forum users? Please post your ideas!!!

... Mitch


  1. I want to throw my vote for red/black hazard stripe, because it will stand out more and be something a little different from what you usually see. That being said, yellow/black stripes will probably look pretty good on your paint scheme.

    You could paint the sensor eye red to see if you like red with the overall paint scheme.


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