Monday, February 9, 2009

The Green and the Blue

Battle Report: Salamanders VS Ultra Marines

Today's Battle report will feature a 1250pts battle between my Salamanders and manidow's Ultramarine's. The battle took place on Monday February 2nd, 2009. The mission rolled was Dawn of War with Seize Ground. I won the dice off and took first turn. This shall be a good test of my base Winter Skirmish list!

I deployed 2 tac squads, ultra's deployed 2 tac squads and a captain.

First Turn, I deployed my sternguard, and 2 tactical squads to the center with my first 2 tac squads deployed on right. Shooting phase saw nothing important happen. Ultra's deployed there assault squad in the far right corner, devastators in the middle. Nothing to report from shooting.

Thee Ultra's Ironclad dropped beside my Sternguard's Razorback and promptly damaged it, preventing the transports escape. Since my Liberian / sternguard unit had no weapons capable of damaging the dreadnought, they gated 24" away, rolling a double 6 for scatter, ending up 2" from the Ultra's Captain, which they promptly destroyed! On the following Ultra's turn, the Ironclad destroyed the Razorback scoring 4 pen hits, all of which caused explosions!

A few turns later of bolter fire and below is how the battlefield looked like at the 4th turn. Notice the missing Salamander Razorbacks and sternguard squad and the missing Ultramarines Captain, assault squad, and Rhino!
After the battle: Survivors! The battle ended on turn 6 with no objectives held and both armies exhausted!

All in all this was a very fun battle that showed the weakness of a fully mechanised force without long range heavy weapon support.
... Mitch


  1. Sweet battle report, I hope to see more in the future.

  2. Always like to hear who the star for each army is at the end of the battle report. Keep up the good work.

  3. On my side, it would be the Command Squad, they took so much enemy fire and nobody dropped due to Feel No Pain