Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Painting in Progress: Update 1

Painting has been going great on these marines. I've done the red parts of there armor using a base of mech red, baal red wash, scab red for shading and blood red for highlighting. Now, normally I use the path of least resistance to paint and finish an army since I'm lazy! Not this time, says me! My new job I work is security for G4S, which leaves alot of time inbetween anything happening since I work the evening shift. So i paint during my shift.

Below is a few Random marines:

I have a Kodak EasyShare C913.



  1. Great work, I feel lazy about painting sometimes aswell, it's only when I'm in a certain mood that i'll add tonnes of detail. Great though combine your hobby with your job

  2. That is a crazy looking shoulder pad for the flamer termi. Is that a chaos one? The flamer looks chaos. It would make a great shoulder pad for a Termi Lib though. On the camera, I have found that resting the camera on the table really help me take clearer pictures of my minis. Also trying to keep the miniatures in a line about the same distance helps with the depth of focus issue.

  3. Peter > Yeah, its great having a job that allows the freedom to explore a hobby. I am currently working on painting 4 land speeders

    eriochrome > Yeah, that is a Black Reach terminator actully. I got the flamer from my friend Doug and I think it makes a nice addition.