Tuesday, February 10, 2009

The Green and the Yellow

The Battle: Salamanders VS Imperial Fists

Today's battle report will feature my salamanders against TwinLinked's Imperial Fist on Wednesday February 4th, 2009.
The mission rolled for was killpoints and Dawn of War, I rolled second turn and deploy.

As you can see from these 2 pictures, the Fists deployed mostly in the center, with elements on the left. In response, I deployed my fast units and transports to the left, while leaving two predator tanks and a tactical squad center to prevent my forces from being outflanked while I flank his forces. The first turn saw very little shooting and the only loose was an Imperial Fist Land Speeder which was destroyed by the salamander attack bike.

Second Turn had the Imperial Fist forces shuffling in there lines and caused a shaken result on one of my Predators. My forces moved along the flank and caused a glancing hit against the yellow tank, preventing its escape!

On the third turn, the imperial fist tanks moved further back into there lines to brace for the pending charge, there shooting wrecked a land speeder. My turn seen my forces encroach on the yellow bastion. There engines roared for the oncoming commitment of force!

Now the shooting phase seen the destruction of a yellow landraider, rhino and dreadnought! Yellow casualties included some sternguard as well. All in all a very productive turn!

Turn four saw my forces prepare for the counter charge my the whole of the Imperial Fists! A review of the battle so far shows a Salamander dominance, but with the yellows poised for a strong counter charge, will the boys in green survive?

As you can see, only the Sargent made it out alive after that massed melee! Time for revenge. My bikes charged the dreadnought, causing it to become a burning wreck! I charged into the fray with my sternguard causing a draw in combat.

Since my bikes broke through the lines, they where able to cause massive havoc behind enemy lines, which included the demise of a full 10man tac squad! Melee seen the destruction of both forces sternguard. The survivors included Lysander and 2 marines, and my side seen a 5 man squad leave combat. Fist scouts destroyed a landspeeder with a powerfist on start of turn 7, which was followed up by there destruction by my bike squad.
Final result:

9 Killpoints Salamanders - 5 Killpoints Imperial Fists

A solid Victory!
... Mitch
My list

HQ: Space Marine Librarian
Troops: Tactical Squad - meltagun/multimelta/powerfist/rhino
Troops: Tactical Squad - meltagun/multimelta/powerfist/rhino
Troops: Tactical Squad - meltagun/multimelta/powersword/rhino
Heavy Support: Predator Destructor - heavy bolter sponsons
Heavy Support: Predator Destructor - heavy bolter sponsons
Fast Attack: Space Marine Bike Squad - 6 bikers, 2 meltaguns/MM attack bike/powerfist
Fast Attack: Land Speeder Squadron - 2x tornado HF/MM
Fast Attack: Land Speeder Squadron - 2x typhoon ML/HB
Elite: Sternguard Veteran Squad - 5xmarines, 2 plasmaguns, razorback w/HB
Imperial Fist (as I recall)
HQ: Lysander
Elite: 10 Sternguard, powerfist, some combi- guns
Tac squad: razorback w/LC, lascannon/plasmagun, powersword(i think?)
Tac sqaud: rhino, plamsacannon/unknown, powerfist
Land speeder - heavy bolter
Land Raider
Pred w/ lascannon
Pred w/ autocannon
Scout Squad w/ powerfist


  1. The flash of my Digital Cam made things look alot brighter then they actully were!

  2. It would helpful to add the lists at the top of the report as close as you remember. Helps me see how the tactics are evolved.

  3. Very good idea! Its something I will do for further battle reports!

  4. Nice list, and report.

    I would have a tough time with that much shooting for sure.