Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Painting in Progress: Fast Attack

Below you will find pictures of my recent painting project over the last week.

Here is four freshly painted Land Speeders. Two of them are armed in a Typhoon pattern and the other two are armed in a Tornado pattern.

On the to bikers! Here we feature six space marine bikers which contain some parts from a ravenwing set. The Sargent is armed with a powerfist and meltabombs, the meltabomb is located the chainsword toting biker. Two bikers are armed with meltaguns and the squad has an attackbike with a multi-melta. In summary, this squad backs one hell of an anti-tank punch!
Meltagunner and Biker
Sargent and Biker
Meltagunner and Biker
Attack Bike
Hi Ho Silver!

Here is a shot of my complete vehicle parking garage.


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