Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Back to Work!

My need to Complete List:

10man Vanguard Squad I've been putting these guys off for too long! There made from a few limited release metal figures, including the veterans MK1 and MK2 box set. They will be armed with a thunderhammer, and 3 powerweapons, and will ride a Land Raider!

The Motor Pool is currently painted black with dark green accent. I found a wonderful shade of Dark Gray that I will be repainting them with. I ordered a set of brass etch, and will be doing allot of extra work to make them weathered looking I am undecided if I will add Dark Green accents and highlights. Any Ideas?

The Vehicles that will be painted/redone:
2 H.Bolter Razorbacks
2 Rhinos
1 FWLascannon Razorback
3 Predator Destructors
3 dreadnoughts including a FW one

I will be re basing my entire army. Its currently sanded with red oxide sand for a mars look. I found a better product to use and it is an artist acrylic gel with pumice in it. When dry it makes a great finish, so I will make a better mars look. Undecided if I should keep the sides black, or use a Dark Grey.

For bikers, I have a few to paint. I will be purchasing 6 used bikers tomorrow, which will fatten my biker squads from 6man with attack bike, to the full 8man with attack bike. That way I will be able to combat squad them if needed.

For my HQ's, I plan on painting them up to a better standard, and I have a few to go! Captain in terminator armor with lightning claws, jumppack chaplain, 2 Liberians in power armor, plastic captain, and a terminator Liberian. Expect WIP pictures when i start these!

For the misc lot, I have about 20 random Deamonhunter and inquisition models which I haven't started yet. They need alot of work!

And last but not least, I will have 2 landspeeder tempests and a tornado to paint!

I should be kept busy, for atleast 1 month!
Below is a picture of my workstation a work where I get painting done if time allows! Keep watching the blog to see who is the winner of the brush set on thursday!

... Mitch


  1. Are you going to go 'black' skin on the Salamanders? After, all they have that Vulkan planet home world, which is volcanic. I think it would look cool.

  2. I might go the chaos black skin color, but alot of my models are not following the standard color scheme and are already black, so I don't know. It might make the model look unpainted, kinda

  3. You could always go with that dark grey paint you have. It's almost black, and it would be a little easier to highlight effectively.