Monday, July 13, 2009

White Consuls Command Squad

Here is the completed Command squad for the project I am working on. They are armed with a single flamer and three members have chainswords and boltpistols. Unfortunately an apothecary was not provided to paint for this commission so the squad is currently unusable in the field. Ignoring that, I made there squad marking a cross, to symbolise there veteran nature!

... Mitch


  1. I can't click on the pics, but they look pretty awesome. I really like the pose on the flamer.

  2. The blue robe, is UltraMarine blue with a purple wash. it really made the blue REALLY nice

  3. The white on those models is sharp. I have a hard time painting white models and yours just pop. Looking slick.

  4. wow, great looking models!! As Big D said, painting white marines is a pain, as its really difficult to get the 'right look' - these guys have it!!