Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Introduction: African Land Shark

Well this is my first post with Ottawa Gamer, I was invited to join the ranks and with that, here is my current project:

This is a portion of my space marine army, however after much thinking and planning I've decided that I will be selling a small section of the army

Master of the Forge on Bike, heavily converted
8 Snipers including Telion
9(soon to be 10) Sternguard w 2 combi melta and 1 combi plasma
Drop Pod
5 Scout Bikers, sarge with power weapon

If theres anyone interested in purchasing it, along with further commission work, feel free to contact me

... LandShark

Alex is a great painter and these pictures don't do justice! He is a multi-winner of Golden Daemons and he taught me allot of things in painting, so I owe allot of my knowledge to him! So lets welcome the Landshark to the Ottawa Gamer! Expect some nice painting articles in the future!
... Mitch


  1. Its going to be great! :)
    I have some reaper figures if you want them!

  2. welcome to the party :D amazing work btw.