Monday, July 27, 2009

Project Repaint: Salamanders #1

To be Unique or Not
Today I need some critique and comments on the following project I am doing. My goal is to refinish my vehicles for my Salamander Army. My old base color on the hull was chaos black, which was very difficult to add nice weathering, and looked very bland! So i have repainted all my tanks with "German Grey" which is a dark grey, similar to slate grey. The previous green color used on the armor plates and accents is more the 3rd edition seen in Index Astartes IV. Below are example pictures.

The first picture is the general paint scheme I am following for my marines, which is basically similar to dark angels green. This style of Dark Green is from Codex: Armageddon and Index Astartes, which were written during third edition. I make my color by painting knarloc green, and tinting it with Dark Green Ink. I use alot of metallics as well.

The Second pictures shows my current vehicles and there previous color scheme. The green is very close on how they used to look in person. The green is a similar tint as my marines.

For the third picture, this is a WIP shot of a rhino I am repainting. I am deciding if I want to keep the color "snot green" or go back to my older edition style green. (Keep in mind my 150+ marines, bikers and speeders are still painted the old green) I like my older edition scheme, but people mistake my army for dark angels allot. The side effect of going modern is my army will look like every other Salamanders in town since here is about 4+ other Salamander players using the "snot green" base. One is an old time Salamander player, Sallieman/Chris which is the original Salamander player in town.

So should I be unique in my army look, or being like everyone else! Please comment!
... Mitch


  1. I like your idea for metallics in the green. Salamander transfers on your men should allow you to shade/tint the green however you like, as you can tell their Salamanders. Put Salamander transfers on your rhinos, as well.

  2. I've always been one for going with what you think looks nice. Being unique means people may remember your army rather then Army_0004. Just my two cents.

    The more I look at it the more it grows on me :D

  3. Anonymous > Yeah, I have decals and / or flame markings on all my troops

  4. That is a seriously bright green, I really didn't expect it to be so bright. I think your old colours were good, but it did look really similar to the Dark Angels colouring.

    In my opinion, both colours work fine, so just do whatever you like most...then do some kickass weathering/painting/basing and make the other Salamanders players cry on the forums about their armies. :P

  5. New grey looks pretty good, but stick with the old style green, it looks much better.

  6. Yeah, I do prefer the Dark Green, which is from Codex: Armageddon and Index Astartes. I have both books, and the green is much Darker then the "Snot Green" That has been recently seen, and is what is currently seen as the more modern Salamanders.

  7. I vote for New Grey and Old Dark Green for my personal aesthetic.

  8. Go with what you like, don't worry about pleasing others, because you never will...