Sunday, July 19, 2009

White Consuls: Project Complete!

Yes, its done!

The 3500pts White Consuls Army is Fully, 100% complete and ready for client pickup!

To Command this detachment 5 characters were completed. For Squads, 1 terminator, 3 tactical, 3 scout, 2 devastator, 1 sternguard, 1 honorguard, 1 command squad were painted. The armory contains a predator, Whirlwind, Dreadnought, droppod and Landspeeder.

This massive project has taught me a few things:
1) I hate Painting White
2) Never Accept more then One month of project at a time!

Now that this project is done, I am once again accepting commisions for projects! Myabe I can even finish up my Salamander Marines! :)

... Mitch


  1. Wow.. that is a lot of white consuls. I am in Awe! Great job. How was the white done?

  2. awsome job... and I don't envy you having to paint all that white...

  3. Congratulations. That's a lot of practice. Your next commission, will be even better.

  4. The white was builtup from differnt greys sicne the figures were primed black

  5. Love the weathering on the DP, I think the vehicles could use some of that lovin'