Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Deathwatch Killteam

For the longest time I've wanted to make a deathwatch kill team using the sternguard rules. I ordered a bunch of deathwatch shoulder pads from the war store. For the bolter mags I ordered heavy bolter ammo containters and chopped them up so they'd look right. For the combi-flamers I used bolters from the rhino and land raider kits and added part of the standard marine flamer.

Painting wise I opted not to do the whole different chapter on the other shoulder pad. I always thought that looked tacky and lame. Instead of various chapters symbols I opted to just put some etched brass from forgeworld on their other shoulder. I also opted not to paint the bolters red, I felt it clashed with the whole badass deathwatch vibe.

... Ben


  1. You forgot to put a title mate :)

    I really like this squad. I have to agree with you about the different shoulder pads I also think they look tacky.

    Keep your posts coming!

  2. These look awesome! I think I will jump in on what seems to be the general consensus and say that I have always done the other shoulder pad as flat black. I don't like the chapter pad, and I hate painting them.

  3. Looking good! One of the many army ideas floating around in the back of my head is an Ordo Xenos army with Deathwatch Sternguard and Scouts for IST.

  4. Bah! I'm a pro "tacky and lame" advocate here. That's what is the HEART of Deathwatch, otherwise they're just some obscure "all black" chapter.

    Now as for your troops here, they look great, very well executed. Kudos!

  5. It won't let me edit it to add a title and I'm definitely logged in. Weird.

  6. Dohh! Nevermind I figuered it out.

    As for the shoulder pads, if I was better at free hand I could see doing a monochrome version of different chapter symbols, as long as it's white/grey and black. I just suck at free hand and prefer this route.

  7. I had the same idea originally (cause I also didn't like the multi-colored at first) to do a uniform dark gray for the right shoulder pad, then put the chapter symbol in whatever color it was originally.

    And yeah, my freehand sucks too, haha, if there's not a decal for it already, it doesn't make it in my Deathwatch!

  8. BTW - Taking a picture infront of that building is killer!