Thursday, August 19, 2010

Golden Marine XV Pictures

The Golden marine had a great turn out, and I believe that 38 out of 40 people showed up, which is really good turn out considering the weather this weekend was torrential rain!

In all 4 rounds I played, we never actually finished a game. Ninety minutes for setup and to play doubles with 2214 points a side wasn't near enough time. Two hours would of worked much better! I guess it doesn't matter much, since generalship wasn't being scored at all. I ended up playing the same three people twice each, so I didn't get to mingle with some of the other people I don't know, which is unfortunate.

The venue was good too. I love the unlimited ice water! At the end of the day, it was a great event! I thank Corey Tamas for putting the extra effort into making it really fun.

Unfortunately none of my pictures turned out that I took. The camera I have really doesn't have a good macro setting, and it blurs most of my pictures. If anyone knows a way to help this, its a Kodak Easyshare.

These pictures are used with permission from Crablezworth.

... Mitch

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