Sunday, August 1, 2010

Review: Pegasus Hobbies Small Gothic Ciy Building 1

Pegasus Hobbies Small Gothic City Building 1.

I purchased this kit from the WarStore a few months back. Before I bought this kit, I looked all over the Internet, and couldn't really find many opinions of this wonderful kit, so I took a risk ordering it from the Internet. Since it was under $30, it was a nice deal considering the Canadian Dollar was at Parity when I bought it!

Its made from a very hard dark grey plastic, which is very difficult to cut. Thankfully most of the building parts are not on sprue and ready to be glued right away. Detail is superb, with attention focused on the right parts. Standard Tamiya model cement worked perfectly on this model, and the bond is very strong.

There were a few small issues with this kit that I will list.
  • No flooring or roof parts where included at all. I used plasticard to make some flooring, so it worked out since I made my own custom design
  • The doors are backwards - If you assemble the kit to match the texture of other Pegasus buildings, you have to assembled the doors where they open inwards, which is kinda strange
  • Accessories - They gave a pack of gargoyles, lions, torches, and lanterns to put inside the "mounting pegs" but didn't include enough to kit the whole building out how they show it on the box

Even tho I pointed out the above issues, this building is still two or three times bigger then a Games Workshop building, and half the price in Canada. I highly reccomend it!

... Mitch


  1. I had never heard of Pegasus before, but I'm a fan now! Thanks for the review!

  2. This kit looks great, but I wonder how easy it is to move your models through and around?

    Alternatively, you could break this kit up and make 4 corner pieces even cheaper than their already inexpensive ruin kits.

  3. Wienas > This terrain is more aesthetic then functional compared to most of my other terrain. Thats why I added the plasticard floors so models could be places around the top. Don't forget this building is about 16"x14"

  4. If you combine the chapel with the normal building kits you can make some pretty huge structures.

  5. I've recently gotten myself a kit from these guys and I could not be happier with it. They really are so much better than GWs kits.

    Cheaper, better made, modular, can be used in 40k and fantasy. Combinable. The only trouble is finding more of the stuff