Monday, August 16, 2010

Heavy Gear Blitz!

Not only is Heavy Gear combat between huge armored tanks and powerfull mecha, its made by Canadians! Dream Pod 9 is located in Montreal, which is only two hours away from Ottawa.

The back story for the games is Terra Nova where the Northern Hemisphere and the Southern Hemisphere battle over the badlands. The North is the classic blue faction, where they are more democratic and the south is the classic red faction!

The main combat unit for the factions is the Heavy Gear. The pilot sits in the torso of the biped walking war machines. They seem to carry a good balance of offence, defence and speed. There is also 4 legged walkers, tank, hover vehicles, aircraft and infantry. I'd certainly hate to be an infantry man in this world! 

The scale of the miniatures is 1/144 (10mm-12mm). N-gauge railroad buildings should work really well for this game. Tables can start at 3'x3' and go up from there. The game system uses six side (D6) dice, which is great and simple!

Sportsmanship is emphasized allot in the rulebook, which I should mention is about 200 pages long, in full color. Full color is certainly a rare feature in a full length rulebook. With other companies, you normally only get a third of the pages in color!

Since this is only a small introduction into Heavy gear, I will be publishing more detailed reports of the rule systems and its expansions in upcoming posts. In the next few months, I will be doing a detailed painting guide of the Gears, and getting some battle reports in. Until then, I leave you with a picture of how the rules are laid out!

... Mitch

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  1. I was able to talk to one of the guys who helped make the game at gamesummit and I have to say I was impressed with both the models and the rules.

    Looking forward to these battle reports