Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Space Marine Veterans: Sternguard

Here are a few pictures of my Sternguard. I avoided the use of GW washes for this batch of minis and used layering, highlighting and shading. The bases are custom made with greenstuff. I made lava style bases for these marines to make them standout. This project took about 20 hours to complete.

Here you see the squad complete. One day I will figure out the settings on my camera :)

The armor is basecoated Dark Angels green with Snot Green highlighting. Robes are Adaptus Battle Grey with a custom mix of grey+bone for the highlight. The shadows were greated using a mix of grey+red.

Te marines are metal dark angels. The sargent is a converted chaplain Asmodai ((converted by Alex Nemes))

The back robe shadows are a mix of grey+blue. I really hope they kick some ass in the upcomming Winter Skirmish! See everyone there!

... Mitch

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