Sunday, December 11, 2011

StuG III WIP - Part 2

StuG G!

The basecoat has been applied. Since Tamiya primer is so smooth, the basecoat went on really well. This weekend I'll be using some masking fluid and making some nice hard edged camouflage on these assault guns!

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Painting Setup

No Regrets!

I purchased my Iwata HP-CS in June for $150 and will never look back! It has given me the boon I needed to come back to the hobby scene and start painting again. It has a beautiful polished stainless steel body and is finely balanced. Cleaning is really easy as well. I have it hooked up to an 8ft braided nylon hose which is connected to a regulator with built in water trap. I used a quick connector on the hose so I can use the compressor for other air tools or brushes. Don't forget the Teflon Tape! The compressor is an oil-less garage style machine which makes alot of noise! I hope this year I can get some more painting commissions so I can replace this beast with an Iwata silent one!

The paint, thinner and primer I use for most of my projects is by Tamiya. The paint is $2.99 a bottle and contains 10mL. The paint sprays really well, and is easy to clean considering it is solvent based. I mix about 1:1 thinner to paint for the airbrush and run the PSI at around 7 to 10 psi.

Anyone who hasn't yet tried this match made in Japan should give it a go! I will be making a video soon showing the brush in action applying camo to a StuG III

... Mitch

Thursday, December 8, 2011

StuG III WIP - Part 1

Sturm Division!

Here is a start to the StuG company I am working on. My plan is to have them complete by the next Gamesummit. 1500 points of late war goodness. I plan on running them as 2 HQ, and 2 groups of 5 tanks in each platoon. I think I will paint them in a three color camo with hard edges. For support, it might be sporadic air and some rocket launchers! I don't know yet.

... Mitch

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Panther A WIP - Part 3

The Real Green!

I purchased the proper Olive Green for the tanks and painted some more of the camouflage today. I am considering either leaving them base camouflage as it is now, or adding a third color - Red Brown. Still a learning curve using an airbrush after years of paint brushing! Here are some work in process shots of the progress so far:

... Mitch

Saturday, December 3, 2011

Panther A WIP - Part 2


Applied final 2 base coats of Tamiya Dark Yellow. I applied a dusting of 3:1 Dark yellow to white to add some highlights to the tank. Hard to tell in the pictures tho. Paint came out nice and matte which is great since the base coat was pretty shiny. I don't know why, same paint.

I ended up using Tamiya Dark Green for the stripes which I thought was a proper green to use, but it turned out more brown then I wanted. The bottle looks much more green then it turned out, and I even tested the paint on a canvas. I assume it did this because the paint is really thinned to be sprayed and the Dark Yellow basecoat. I may still leave the camo like this, opinions? I could add further Dark Brown and Olive Green and call it late 1944 Eastern Front? If I leave it, could be mid 1943 2-tone?