Saturday, December 3, 2011

Panther A WIP - Part 2


Applied final 2 base coats of Tamiya Dark Yellow. I applied a dusting of 3:1 Dark yellow to white to add some highlights to the tank. Hard to tell in the pictures tho. Paint came out nice and matte which is great since the base coat was pretty shiny. I don't know why, same paint.

I ended up using Tamiya Dark Green for the stripes which I thought was a proper green to use, but it turned out more brown then I wanted. The bottle looks much more green then it turned out, and I even tested the paint on a canvas. I assume it did this because the paint is really thinned to be sprayed and the Dark Yellow basecoat. I may still leave the camo like this, opinions? I could add further Dark Brown and Olive Green and call it late 1944 Eastern Front? If I leave it, could be mid 1943 2-tone?

... Mitch

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