Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Painting Commission: White Consuls update 3

Painting Commission: White Consuls

Here is a small update on the commission I am working on. Thing are starting to wrap up for this project.

... Mitch

Monday, June 29, 2009

Project Rebuild: #1

Project Rebuild: #1

Since my Salamander Space marines were my first painted army, allot of laziness was done to complete this army. I've used primed black instead of painting black, used green ink to tint my army, missed flash lines and drybrushed allot of figures. My bases are also just red-oxide colored sand from Woodland Scenics ballast. I will be using various art supplies from pumice to acrylic mediums to create much better bases. I will be stripping and repainting allot of the figures and models I have done in the last 3 years.

The first models to take the dip in super clean were two rhinos I actually got used from a guy I knew in Renfrew, Al. Unfortunately they were primed very heavy and had very thick blue Ultramarine painting. It stripped alright, and I have filled the gaps with green stuff and rebuilt allot of the structure. I added plasticard unditching beams to the roof, brass rod antenna, reinforced the stormbolter with brass rod and added small touches with purity seals, and some FW bits. The first one looks a Little rough, but should shape up to be a nice vehicle when done.

... Mitch

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Painting Commission: White Consuls update 2

White Consuls Update 2

The rest of the bases have been completed today, and the project is hitting the wrap up stage. The Sternguard are all that is requiring major work.

..... Mitch

Saturday, June 20, 2009

New Acquisitions

New Acquisitions

Recently I have sold my Imperial Guard army, and have made a few new acquisitions. I purchased the following since my last major update on my Salamander Army.
Ravenwing Battleforce
Two additional Bikers
Inquisition Rhino
Two Black Reach Dreadnoughts

I have assembled the Ravenwing with a Powerfist SGT, 2 Meltaguns, 1 Multi-melta. The speeder was assembled with 2 multi-melta's, using the assault cannon mount.

Rhino has custom extra armor, lascannons on dreads are from the plastic kit.
Just a normal Whirlwind

Here is the Liberian and captain assembled with the two space bikers. The Liberian is using a thunder hammer as a force weapon. The captain is wielding a relic blade. His backpack came from Azrael.
... Mitch

Painting Commission: White Consuls

Painting Commission: White Consuls

Here is a WIP of the White Consuls I am working on. The project is moving along great! I had a few early delays due to receiving the models with black primer already on them. I am expecting to have this force completed by the end of June.

After this commission is done, I will be looking for other projects. If you are interested, please send an email to mitch909@hotmail.com
... Mitch

My Dark Elf Force

Here are a few pictures of my Dark Elf WHFB army. I will be starting the painting soon.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

IG Army for sale

A good portion of everything is airbrushed light grey, with a codex grey on spots for the basecoat. Tanks are basecoated Grey or Green. Only 1 squad is completely painted (blue and grey urban camo) Most models are based using GW's rubble basing kit.

1x new codex

4x commisar, gaunt, powerfist, 2x powersword, new sculpts

1x converted gunny harker, cadian style

1x iron hand straken converted, cadian style

1x extra regimental banner

5 man command sq metal, regimental banner, medic, casualty, plasmagun, plasmagun,

5 man plastic company command squad, Master of Ord, 2 body guards, meltagun, meltagun, meltagun,

1x platoon commander chenkov

6x mortar teams

6x autocannon teams

2x Multilaser Sentinal

2x Autocannon sentinal

2x chimera, multilaser turret w/ hull flamer, stubber,

1x scratchbuilt chimera, multilaser turret w/ hull flamer, stubber,

2x hellhound, hull heavy bolter, dozer blade,

1x plastic platoon command, 4 grenade launchers,

1x plastic platoon command, 4x flamers, platoon banner

5x 10man squad, bolt pistol/ccw sarg, heavybolter team, flamer infantry

5x 10man squad, bolt pistol/ccw sarg, lascannon team, grenade launcher

1x 10man harden veterans, 3 grenadelauncher, Forge world resperator upgrade with backpacks

1x 10man harden veterans, 3 flamer, Forge world resperator upgrade with backpacks

1x 10man harden veteranss, carapace armor, 2 plasmaguns, shotguns

1x 10man harden veteranss, carapace armor, 3 meltaguns (kasrkins)

2x leman russ battle tanks, heavy bolter sponsons, hull heavy bolter

2x basalisk, hull heavy bolter,

1x kitbash sabre defence gun armed with 4 stubbers,

+ bits to make 10-20 or so more cadians, or 3-6 heavy weapon teams if your creative

I can be email at mitch909@hotmail.com