Sunday, July 4, 2010

Basilica Administratum B

Today's showcase will feature the Basilica Administratum B. This is the second building I have assembled. I haven't decided on how to base it and paint it! Anyone have ideas?

... Mitch


  1. Burn barrels where the priest have destroyed important documents which should not fall in enemy hands ...

    Or spent ammo clips and such which shows a stubborn defense ...

  2. Hmm I guess it depends on how your armies are based and what other basing schemes you have used. For example, for me, I have urban themed bases for all my armies now, so even if I put together some trees, the very lower edges have the shadow gey/astro grey drybrush so it looks like a city park tree, or those ones just planted right on the sidewalk.

    So lets say you have a neutral, green/brown basing scheme, the lower sections would be like that, and then you are free for the upper sections to go with some color. Dark reds, weathered if its adeptus mechanicus buildings, dark angels green, gnarloc, goblin green is a great color scheme as well, for something that isnt just greys..

  3. I apologise for not commenting on these, but I swear I wrote a failry long list of ideas on the first building you posted, but the internet must have eaten it.

    What I said was ....

    If you already have a theme for your table, it should accompany that, wether that's urban, winter, whatever..

    If you dont already have a theme.. how about making these abit overgrown. a few plastic aquarium plants, some fallent logs, creepers etc. throw a few bases of just plants together and you have the perfect table set up for an abandoned outpost on a death world.

    if you play other systems too it could easily be pressed into service for, say, a stargate game :)

  4. jmezz382 > That sounds like a good idea, and I have some brass rods that can work for ammo

  5. D > Thats a good idea, with an overgrown theme! My next 2 armies are green/death world bases and grey/urban

  6. Karitas > Was on vacation, and didn't have time to put the posts up, sorry!
    Like D said, an overgrown theme would work really well!