Thursday, July 29, 2010

Pegasus Hobbies: A Sense of Scale

A Sense of Scale!

A few people have asked how Pegasus Hobbies Buildings stack compared to Warhammer 40k figures. As always, Pegasus Hobbies provides the highest quality buildings, that are very sturdy for there cost. A real value! To answer that question, I have taken a few pictures of the buildings and I will post them below.

The figures I used
  • Razorback, Rhino
  • 2 Bikers
  • 4 Catachans
  • 1 Assault Terminator.

The building kits shown
  • Pegasus Technobridge
  • Pegasus Small Gothic Ruins
  • Imex/Pegasus Powerplant

... Mitch


  1. Thanks for posting these scale pics. Now I have got to get one of those bridges, that thing is huge!


  2. Thanks, mate. That bridge is awesome!