Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Giveaway 3: Marines

Here is a simple giveaway! A Black Reach Painting set. This includes five marines, six paint pots, a paint palette and a Citadel paint brush. I have a similar set from The Battle for Skull Pass and the paints are the same quality that are in the normal pots. These were brought to you by!

You need to comment on this post to enter. Winner will be found by using system! Winner will be determined on August 31st at 2300 EST.

... Mitch

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Recent Trade: Tau for IG

This is a few pictures of some Imperial Guard I traded today for a Tau army. These Guard were traded for CrimsonWraith since he couldn't get into Ottawa to make the trade himself. I expect to see these men on the killing fields soon, since my Salamanders will be waiting!

... Mitch

Lava Bases: A how-to and Product Review!

Lava Bases

Hi guys, today I will be showing what I have been working on! Lava Bases for my Salamanders Army! The resin bases I am using and reviewing today are from Dark Art Miniatures. Klaus sculpted these bases himself and it shows.

The detail work is great, and varied between the 10 piece 25mm bases. The lava/magma itself looks like floating rocks, suspended in a lava flow, very hot looking lava. The 40mm bases are very similar in design and look great as well. My Terminators will enjoy there new bases. Last but not least is the 60mm base. This sculpt is great, and has a mini volcano on it with bubbling lava pouring out!

In general, the bases are of good weight and will support models well. Pinning will be required, and very much needed on a few of the oddly shaped 25mm bases. In the end, I would rate these bases a solid 9.5/10 and a recommended purchase!

For those interested to get the painted look I achieved:

1) Sand, file and clean the bases. Prime Black

2) I layered the following colors in succession: Dark Maroon Red, Dark Red, Bright Red, Orange (made from Bright Red and Dark Yellow mixed), Yellow. I used dots of white on the very hottest spots.

3) I did a drybrush of Dark Grey, then a light drybrush of Medium Grey. I used a Light Grey and manually added edge highlights.

I did use all the paints show in the pictures below to achieve the look I got.

... Mitch

Monday, August 17, 2009

Dark Eldar Battle Report

Hey all, I went over to Mitch's (Ottawa Gamer) to test out my Dark Eldar army out and see where I should build. We did a 1k point lists, Marines vs Dark Eldar, and the mission was capture and control and dawn of war was the deployment.
Deployment was one rhino and a squad of marines with my raider with warriors in it

The game progressed from there with the Dark Eldar advancing to meet the Marines on the right of the table. A few highlights from the battle were 2 raiders and the ravager were destroyed, the assault marines squished my Archon and his warrior squad. The warp beasts tore up a squad of assault marines and their Chaplin with the help of the bikes. My wych squad was almost wiped out after jumping from their wrecked raider, the two remaining wych survived to hold up a 10 man marine squad for 2 turns alone ( that's like 4 assault phases damn). Here are some pics from the battle below. The game ended in my troops covering my objective were shot and ran off the board but my remaining raider zoomed up to contest Mitch's objective. What I learned from this battle is I want 2 more beasts, wyches and warriors. After lunch I totally forgot to keep taking pics haha so the last two turns are missing :( Thanks for the great game Mitch!!

... Fox
This battle Report is brought to you by Darby/Fox. A great game, as we both learned allot about Dark Eldar, since it was a first game for booth of us using/fighting Dark Eldar. I am looking forward to more games against Dark Eldar in the future!
... Mitch

Friday, August 7, 2009

Motor Pool Update!

Here is a few pictures of the vehicles I am working on. I am using Tamiya German Grey for the base coat, and a 50/50 mix of orkhide/snot green for the green parts. A tan filter has/will be applied to remove contrast from the model. I can't wait to dig into my Tamiya weathering sticks!

I applied brass etch from ForgeWorld the the tanks. This was much more difficult then it looks to handle the small tiny parts. it does add a very nice look to the vehicles.

... Mitch

Monday, August 3, 2009

Game Summit Summer 2009!

The Biggest Canadian gaming event of Summer 2009
Game Summit is back for its third and biggest event ever, August 29th and 30th at the Nepean Sportsplex in Ottawa . Bringing more to the table than ever before for dice-throwers, role-players and war-gamers alike, Game Summit is the place for good times this summer. We welcome you back and eagerly look forward to showing you all the new games, activities and events that we offer to make this Game Summit the best yet.

Got board games? Game Summit does: From the classic to the contemporary, strategy board games of all kinds will be on the table and ready for action. The Casual Gaming Pavilion (sponsored by The Comic Book Shoppe) lays out a broad range of top quality games for family and friends to enjoy all day long, both days of the Summit. Not only can you enjoy popular and well-known titles like Settlers of Catan, Carcassonne, Stratego, Axis and Allies and a plethora of others, but Game Summit will be holding its first Chess and Go tournaments for lovers of traditional competition (and oh yes, there will be prizes). We keep it casual in the CGP, so come alone, bring a friend or bring your kids to sit down and play a game you love or learn about a game you've always wanted to try your hand at.

Got a taste for something a little more in-depth? Find your way to the Game Summit RPG Den where role playing and card games will be running constantly around the clock. Sponsored by Wizard's Tower, the role playing games will include legendary favorite Dungeons and Dragons as well as several other favorites with custom scenarios and Game Masters at the ready to take you into a realm of adventure. If you're a fan of the epic Magic the Gathering card game, you'll be in good company as MTG players will meet for all sorts of open and organized play, including tournaments. Lastly, the much-loved Steve Jackson Games will be represented with Munchkin and Muchkin Quest (along with several Munchkin expansions), where fantasy adventures have the hilarious SJ touch.

The Game Summit Arena has never made a bigger showing than ever: As per usual, you'll find premiere-level Warhammer Fantasy and 40,000 tournaments for the hardcore competitor, but you'll also find Warhammer 40,000 Apocalypse as well as tons of pickup games at your fingertips. This Summit also hosts its first Warmachine/Hordes tournament, bringing the heavy-hitting games of steampunk and beast mastery to our custom-made game tables. As if that's not enough, you'll find Battlefront's much-lauded Flames of War hitting the tables and bringing World War II-era battles to life. If you have a taste for bigger, epic battles then be sure to check out our War of the Ring megabattle that will bring the Alliance of the West to the Black Gates of Morder for a pitched war for the Ring of Sauron. Games will be going all day both Saturday and Sunday and there's room for everyone who wants to heed the call to arms.

Being a gamer can be about more than throwing dice, and that's why the Game Summit Workshop has more to offer than ever before. Come and meet our friendly painting tutors and try your hand at painting beautiful miniatures (courtesy of Reaper Mini) and get a few tips along the way to create a more beautiful model. Already got a little experience under your belt? Prove it by entering one of our two contests: A general painting contest (for best miniature or vehicle) on Saturday or a fast and furious speed-painting competition on Sunday to see just how much you can do when you're on the clock. More interested in modeling than painting? Check out our resin casting tutorials from Daily Hobbies which teach you how to turn resin into sculpted models you can paint and use on the game table.

Last, but definitely not least: The Game Summit Garage Sale invites you to bring your old games and hobby treasures (from board games to cards to models and miniatures) and put them up for sale. Grab a few dollars for some stuff that's been gathering dust in your closet or find a hard-to-locate treasure at one of our most popular events.

For a complete look at the scheduled events, visit the Game Summit website ( Then, go ahead and pre-register and enjoy an early bird discount ( You'll find everything you need on the Game Summit website but, if you still have questions or comments, drop a line to and let us know what's on your mind (originally written by Corey @

The Game Summit has always been a great time for gamers like me who enjoy all aspects of the hobby. I will be personally attending the 40k tournament, Warmachine, and the painting and modelling clinics! You will also see the one and only Alex Nemes partaking in a painting masterclass series, so make sure you get there to check the event out!

... Mitch

Saturday, August 1, 2009

And the Lucky Winner is...

#7 Crechum

You've won the West Wind Productions giveaway of a blister of SWAT Teamsters with shotguns, and 2 "mystery" figures. Results by

Please email me at with all the important details I would need to mail these out to you, including your full name, posting address, city, zip/postal code, and country. Please send this information to be within the next 48 hours! :)

... Mitch