Saturday, August 22, 2009

Recent Trade: Tau for IG

This is a few pictures of some Imperial Guard I traded today for a Tau army. These Guard were traded for CrimsonWraith since he couldn't get into Ottawa to make the trade himself. I expect to see these men on the killing fields soon, since my Salamanders will be waiting!

... Mitch


  1. Thats going to be a great addition to his army. So looking forward to facing off against that baneblade :)

  2. Did he get 11 vehicles and a bunch of guard?

  3. Is that an old tech-priest in the first photo if so can you do a close up as looks cool!

  4. Bonham63 > There is 4 Russ, 2 Bas, and a baneblade.

    Silar > Yeah, i thin it is a techmarine, he has chaos lightning claws, very differnt model

    Fox > Yeah, can't wait for a 6D6 explosion!

  5. this is insane, thats a huge army and i guess the colour scheme is striking!