Thursday, July 29, 2010

Pegasus Hobbies: A Sense of Scale

A Sense of Scale!

A few people have asked how Pegasus Hobbies Buildings stack compared to Warhammer 40k figures. As always, Pegasus Hobbies provides the highest quality buildings, that are very sturdy for there cost. A real value! To answer that question, I have taken a few pictures of the buildings and I will post them below.

The figures I used
  • Razorback, Rhino
  • 2 Bikers
  • 4 Catachans
  • 1 Assault Terminator.

The building kits shown
  • Pegasus Technobridge
  • Pegasus Small Gothic Ruins
  • Imex/Pegasus Powerplant

... Mitch

WIP: Garn Warrior

Here is a WIP shot of a Garn Warrior I am painting from Khursan Miniatures.

It is a really neat miniature. Its very heavy for its size, and looks to be very durable for miniatures gaming. He is about the same size as an Ork Boy, and a range of these guys would make perfect counts-as Orks! They are priced at $4 each, which is not bad for a metal model of this detail level.

This reminds me of the Garn Warrior: Best Fight Ever

... Mitch

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Review: Pegasus Technobridge

Recently I purchased a Pegasus HobbiesTechnobridge from The War Store. I picked it up because I've tried to make my own bridge, and it didn't turn out how I wanted. Everything in the box was already detached from its sprue, so clean up was really fast. The only thing that needed to be done, was remove some flash on the guardrails. Assembly took about ten minutes including taking pictures and glue. The size of the birdge is 8in wide and 12in long, and will fit two Rhino's side-by-side, or 1 large tank like a land Raider. For its cost of around $14, this is a great buy and would recommend it for anyone with there own gaming table. I plan on attaching the bridge to a hardboard base, and creating a set of river tiles, where the water is a green slimy industrial waste!

... Mitch

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Tutorial: Lava Armor

Today I will be showing a small tutorial on how I painted the lava effects on my Razorback. This Razorback is designed for my Sternguard Squad.

Supplies Used
  • GW Blood Red
  • GW Sunburst Yellow
  • #0 Raphael Kolinsky Brush
  • ForgeWorld Razorback with lascannon
  • Resin upgrade kit. I got mine from Chapterhouse Studios
  • P3 Black Paint
  • Tamiya German Grey spray
  • Krylon Camo Black spray
  • Reaper flow improver
The first step is to assembling the tank and prime it. I used Krylon Black spray as the primer. I was able to get a nice base coat on the mode with German Grey, which I used for my other Salamander's tanks. The resin extra armor, doors and front armor plate are from Chapterhouse studios. There a great addition to my command tank, and I highly recommend them.

After everything is assembled, base coated and ready to go, the first thing that needs to be done is apply a nice yellow to the cracks. If your paint is thinned out, this step will be very easy. Try to cover all the cracks fully.

 Next you will make yourself a custom shade of orange paint. Take about 1:3 ratio of red to yellow and mix them together. This should make a nice shade of orange for this step. Take the orange and paint it into the cracks of the armor. Try to leave about a third of the yellow on the armor plates showing through.

After the orange paint dries, take your red paint and cover up some of the orange. A good spot for the red is around the edges of the plates. The reason for this, is the hottest lava will be yellow, and will turn orange, red and then black as it cools down.

 After the red dries, take the black paint, and paint the highest part of the armor plates. This will be where the lava has cooled the most, and well tidy up previous work. When this step is done, your done!  

 Congratulations! If you've followed these steps, you should have a lava like effect on your model in under fifteen minutes! If you want a set of army like this, please checkout Chapterhouse Studios.
... Mitch

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Upcoming Tournament: Golden Marine XV

Golden Marine XV

On Sunday August 15, we have the Golden Marine XV. It is the Ottawa Valley's premier gentleman's tournament. Representing the Ottawa Gamer at this event will be myself (Mitch/gahris) and Greg (crimsonwraith). Andrew (Solarflare) tried to sign up, but was too late unfortunately!

Here are some of the rules and information that will be used.


1. No Special Characters. The only exception will be for Deathwing or Ravenwing.
2. No Allies.
3. No more than one HQ choice allowed.
4. No more than two Heavy Support choices allowed.
5. No Forgeworld Flyers or Superheavies

When is it: Sunday, August 15 at 10am
Points: 1107
Rounds: Four
Format: Doubles, every turn you get a random partner
Tables: 6x4
Size: 32 people
Scoring: There is Best Overall, Best Presentation, Best Sportsman. no best General in this tournament.

Looks like there will be up to 8 games being played at once, which is not bad at all. Shouldn't be too crowded if all the tables will be 6x4. I don't know if there will be a ringer army if people don't show up, or how the teams will be selected (random, wins/losses)

My personal goal is to get in the top 8 overall, with a top 4 in painting since I've done allot of work on my army in the last year, including resin bases, power weapons, and unifing the force.
  • Since this is a doubles tournament, I have a few ideas for army types.
  • Deathwing - I have enough Terminators to run a nice Deathwing force, with 4 solid scoring troops
  • Blood Angels - I have a drop pod army I am working on right now now, but I don't think it would be ready in time
  • Salamanders - I have the classic mechanised  army that I normally use. I have some tanks that were recently repainted, and could work well

If anyone does have any great army list ideas, feel free to post them!

... Mitch

Monday, July 12, 2010

Review: Pegasus Gothic City Ruins

There isn't much negative I can say about these ruins kit! There made from a really solid plastic that accepts glue very well.

Their priced around $20 which ironically half the Canadian price of a Games Workshop buildings. Just one corner is almost the same size of a single Cities of Death ruin. Not only that, but you get two corners per box!

They fit very well in the Gothic setting, and seem very stable and sturdy. Assembly time, which included cleanup, gluing and flash trimming took less then an hour for four corner ruins! Amazing!

I highly recommend getting this set if your a gamer on a budget, and don't mind the limited modelling options for this set, since the set only assembles three ways.

... Mitch

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Wargaming on a budget

This is a topic that I always here at my FLGS and conversations with friends. It seems no matter on the price of figures or a game system, its always too expensive! Some people argue and fight on the price of the hobby. Something to consider is how much in junk food does one buy a month, or cigarettes, or fuel from driving around? More then wargaming I'm sure! Even so, saving money is always a good idea!  Since money doesn't grow on trees, atleast in Canada! So i decided to ask a few of my friends on how they budget there gaming needs and here are a few replies I got back.

  • Buy used if possible
  • Start slow, finish what you buy.
  • Don't buy anything new until the last purchase is painted, based and ready to play.
  • Well conceived count as models can save you a lot of money.
  • Converting if planned well can also save a lot of money.
  • Avoid metal models like the plague.
  • Used packing foam from a laptop and put it in my GW case to help carry tanks.
  • Stripping models rather then buying them new
  • Making terrain out of barker board and foam board.
  • Felt from a fabric store for a table top mat (just don't wash it lol)
  • Using robot and barbie to make a titan.

  • Use e-bay. Be careful to check postage costs and try to buy in your own country to avoid duty charges. Do research and find a price that you think the item is worth. Bid that worth and don't go any higher. Getting in a bidding war may result in you paying too high a price and regretting purchasing that item.
  • Use forums on the Internet, that people post for buy, sell and trade. Be very careful, if dealing outside your city, as opportunity too meet and trade in person may not be possible. If you do arrange a personal meet, meet in a public place, such as a mall.
  • Liquidation stores and 'dollar' stores are good places to find the tools and storage boxes, you may need. Clippers, files etc. are commonly, cheaper at discount stores.
  • Building your own terrain is cost effective. There are many articles on the Internet, on blogs and in forums, that explain how these items can be made cheaply.
  • Get the aid of friends can save money and time. Arrange painting parties, where you can get some of your models painted and help your friends do their models.

  • I just don't really have any ideas besides using forums to buy used models
  • Using the free tables at gaming stores
  • Building your own cover and buildings.

  • Purchase used models when you can
  • The dollar store has been a major sorce of random bits I've used to make terrain and models
  • Barter! When doing a trade, the listed price isn't always the lowest price. Sometimes you can even get things at cost from a store, or vendor if the product doesn' move fast.
  • Don't waste primer. Putting thick coats on a model not only obscures all the fancy details, but at $18 a can, it isn't cheap!
  • Buy your supplies at art stores. You can get beter quality brushes cheaper, and most of the tools and supplies you would need at half or lower the hobby price.
  • Be creative. It doesn't hurt anything to try something new!
  • Try other model manufactures. Some companies sell really nice figures that are from lesser known sculptors, at discounted prices!
  • Shipping from the UK is generally cheaper then from North America when you live in Canada

  • Arts and crafts stores. Things that don't often seem to lend themselves to wargaming can be found if you use your imagination. An example being small beads shaped like a cylinder. With proper painting they look exactly like spent bullet casings. I bought a bag for $1, and probably have 1000 of the things for my bases.
  • Coloured spray paint. Spray paint is extremely cheap at larger stores like Walmart. You can use them to base coat troops, but they really shine when it comes to vehicles. Using a $6 Krylon brand spray paint, I base coated about 6 vehicles before the paint started to get low(tanks, Valkyrie, etc).
  • Wet palette. Making a wet palette will save you money in the long run, because your paint will dry much slower. Also, you will be able to work for a longer period of time without worrying about your paint drying on you.
  • If you need a model, a certain part, or just ideas, find a website that has local people. Most wargamers will help other wargamers. Generally we understand how expensive the hobby can get, and so most will do their best to be supportive.

So what do you think fellow Wargamers? What tips and tricks do you have for stretching that hard to save dollar?

... Mitch

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Sanctum Imperialis A

Today's on display I have a Santum Imperialis. This is the only Sanctum I have, and I doupt I will purchase more. It is a nice kit, but the parts are less modular then they are with the Basilica. So with one being the limit, how should I make this command style ruin stand out? Ideas welcomed!

... Mitch

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Basilica Administratum C

Today's showcase will feature the Basilica Administratum C. I purchased this Basilica from a local gamer, An00bis. It was assembled really well, but its missing the buttress pieces that connect to the sides. This really takes away from the look of the building. Anyone have any spares? When the color scheme is decided for these three buildings, I will post a WIP shot of them!

... Mitch

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Basilica Administratum B

Today's showcase will feature the Basilica Administratum B. This is the second building I have assembled. I haven't decided on how to base it and paint it! Anyone have ideas?

... Mitch

Friday, July 2, 2010

Basilica Administratum A

Today's showcase will feature the Basilica Administratum A. I assembled this building recently and I haven't decided on how to base it and paint it! Anyone have ideas?

... Mitch

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Canada Day / La fête du Canada

Today is Canada's 143rd birthday! Enjoy a good brew and have fun with family and friends today! Have a great day from the Ottawa Gamer!

... Mitch