Thursday, January 28, 2010

Battle Report: Silar's Eldar!

Yesterday January 27, I had a battle against Silar and his Eldar.

My 1500pts list:
3x Tactical Squad squads w/ drop pods
2x Vindicator Tanks
1x Squad of sniper scouts
3x Dreadnoughts

Silar's List: (approx)
Storm guardian squad in Wave Serpent
Guardian Defenders in Wave Serpent
Dire Avengers in Wave Serpent
2x Wraith lords
War Walker
Striking Scorpions

The Mission we rolled was two objectives and standard deployment. I took first turn. I put my scout snipers on my objective and placed my vehicles besides them. Silar deployed all his skimmers away from his objective, which was really Eldar of him! I landed a drop pod near his skimmers, and the other pod landed beside his objective. I combat squadded to give max distraction. The rest of the game his skimmers and wraith lords edge closer to my lines as they shot at me and I shot back.

There was a huge epic moment when his Avatar charged 10 tactical marines. After the dust settled, there was no more Avatar and a single marine took a wound. poor marine :(

He did a turn 5 turn tank shock at both objectives, which resulted in a dead scout on my side of the board, and an immobile skimmer at the other end. We did play to turn 6 and both skimmers ended up exploding from krak grenade.

In the end, humanities best prevailed with 2-0 objectives.

Silar, if your listening it was great to play against you and I would have a rematch at any time!

... Mitch

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Valkyrie and Terrain - Comments needed - Poll Included

On a forum I participate in, one point we are discussing is that should a Valkyrie take a difficult terrain test no matter what part of the model is over terrain. Since GW has no grey rules, a black and white answer is needed.

Below shows the situation unfolding, that skimmer just moved 24in across the table, but one part of its wing is over a part of terrain. GW rules can't be posted here, but they basically say "Skimmers that end there movement in terrain take a difficult terrain test" So, in the below example, is the Valkyrie in terrain? The base is 4" across and the wing is 8" above the ground. (I know its a B17 on a display clock, but I don't personally own a Valkyrie, but the size and stand is similar enough to use)

How my gaming group normally plays skimmers with terrain is that the base is used to determine if the model is in terrain. Failing that, we also check if the model is physically in the terrain as well.

Picture A was taken about 3' to the skimmer, at an angle of about 60degrees
Picture B was taken directly 3 feet above the model, which the wingtip has a small portion of wing directly above a piece of terrain.

So, in the above situation, does a skimmer require a difficult terrain test after comming to stop?
... Mitch

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Witch Hunters

Here are some pictures of a Witch Hunters Army I received the other day. I am undecided If I will strip most of the models, as I think the ones for the witch hunters are painted pretty nice. Also, I think the guardsmen and storm troopers paint in blue and and the sisters painting in red look nice. Ideas?

... Mitch