Monday, March 18, 2013

Terrain for sale

I have the following for sale. All the buildings are mounted on solid MDF board, most have a base coat applied and ground is textured. I estimate the retail value of the terrain collection to be around $1000

Description of terrain:

Cyberclix platform with resin walls and gate

GW Administration building

GW Basilica building

GW Administration building

Pegasus Hobbies power plant/chemical plant

GW corner ruins

GW corner ruins

GW corner ruins

Pegasus Hobbies ruined building

Pegasus Hobbies ruined building

Crashed Aquilla Shuttle

Resin dragons teeth with resin sandbag walls surrounding a resin chaingun emplacement

Pegasus Bridge

Fortified position with tank traps, power generator and fuel drums

Fortified position on small hill with armored walls

Fortified position with 2 long sections of resin fortified walls

Sewage channel with raised walls, made of resin-like foam

Fortified Position with armored walls and turret mount

Fortified Position with bunker

Pegasus Hobbies large church

Various terrarium plants mounted on resin bases

Cyberclix Large Hexagon construction set (New in Box)

Resin wrecked vehicle footprint

Fortified pillbox