Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Upcoming Tournament: Golden Marine XV

Golden Marine XV

On Sunday August 15, we have the Golden Marine XV. It is the Ottawa Valley's premier gentleman's tournament. Representing the Ottawa Gamer at this event will be myself (Mitch/gahris) and Greg (crimsonwraith). Andrew (Solarflare) tried to sign up, but was too late unfortunately!

Here are some of the rules and information that will be used.


1. No Special Characters. The only exception will be for Deathwing or Ravenwing.
2. No Allies.
3. No more than one HQ choice allowed.
4. No more than two Heavy Support choices allowed.
5. No Forgeworld Flyers or Superheavies

When is it: Sunday, August 15 at 10am
Points: 1107
Rounds: Four
Format: Doubles, every turn you get a random partner
Tables: 6x4
Size: 32 people
Scoring: There is Best Overall, Best Presentation, Best Sportsman. no best General in this tournament.

Looks like there will be up to 8 games being played at once, which is not bad at all. Shouldn't be too crowded if all the tables will be 6x4. I don't know if there will be a ringer army if people don't show up, or how the teams will be selected (random, wins/losses)

My personal goal is to get in the top 8 overall, with a top 4 in painting since I've done allot of work on my army in the last year, including resin bases, power weapons, and unifing the force.
  • Since this is a doubles tournament, I have a few ideas for army types.
  • Deathwing - I have enough Terminators to run a nice Deathwing force, with 4 solid scoring troops
  • Blood Angels - I have a drop pod army I am working on right now now, but I don't think it would be ready in time
  • Salamanders - I have the classic mechanised  army that I normally use. I have some tanks that were recently repainted, and could work well

If anyone does have any great army list ideas, feel free to post them!

... Mitch


  1. Is there a reason for the strange points total that eludes me?

  2. I don't understand the 1107 points either, maybe a long time participant of the Golden Marine can chime in!