Monday, June 29, 2009

Project Rebuild: #1

Project Rebuild: #1

Since my Salamander Space marines were my first painted army, allot of laziness was done to complete this army. I've used primed black instead of painting black, used green ink to tint my army, missed flash lines and drybrushed allot of figures. My bases are also just red-oxide colored sand from Woodland Scenics ballast. I will be using various art supplies from pumice to acrylic mediums to create much better bases. I will be stripping and repainting allot of the figures and models I have done in the last 3 years.

The first models to take the dip in super clean were two rhinos I actually got used from a guy I knew in Renfrew, Al. Unfortunately they were primed very heavy and had very thick blue Ultramarine painting. It stripped alright, and I have filled the gaps with green stuff and rebuilt allot of the structure. I added plasticard unditching beams to the roof, brass rod antenna, reinforced the stormbolter with brass rod and added small touches with purity seals, and some FW bits. The first one looks a Little rough, but should shape up to be a nice vehicle when done.

... Mitch

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