Thursday, July 9, 2009

Golden Marine XIV

Golden Marine XIV
I look forward to attending the Golden Marine, which is an Ottawa area tradition. It is marked as a gentleman's tradition where friendly gaming will be number one. With 4 rounds being played, I am unsure as to why there isn't a 5th or 6th round being played. In the end it will be a great day with many friends. I will be taking pictures and posting them if I remember to bring my digital camera.

Below is the information for this event:

Place: The Wizards Tower in Barrhaven.
Time: Starts at 10 AM, ends at 6 PM.
Date: Saturday, July 18.
Points: 1107
Rounds: Four
Tables: 4x4 Game Summit tables (these are really nice)
Force Org Chart: Standard, except only one Troop choice is required (instead of two, as usual).
Admission: $15
Prizes: There will be prizes handed out for winners, plus the usual goodies that people get to enjoy on Wizards Tower Warhammer Days.
Lunch will be provided.

Further information can be found on the forums at

... Mitch

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  1. I notice on Wizard's Tower website, that they indicate this event starts at 9 AM. Not sure if that's what time the store opens or if GS is posting wrong information.