Friday, March 5, 2010

Battle Report - Witch Hunters VS Eldar

Today's Battle Report will feature a battle between myself and my good Friend Darby (Fox)

We rolled up with Spearhead deployment with one objective each

I put my 2 sister squads on my home objective with a Retributer Squad with heavy bolters. around it to secure it. The Imperial Guard Platoon in chimera's, Stormtroopers in rhino, and Canoness with retinue in Immolator will be the force I am sending out to take on the Eldar. Oh, and I have an Exorsist.
Fox has 2 Fireprisms, Falcon, 3 Waveserpants, striking scorpions, warp spiders in his force, with allot of guardians.

Turn One
Gahris - I moved up my strike force, and shot at a fireprism, it exploded.
Fox - He shuffled his lines, and shot at my Exorcist Shaking it

Turn Two
Gahris - I shot Multilasers at Fox's tanks, no effect. Heavy bolters shot at Warp Spiders killing one.
Fox - He continued shuffling his lines, and shot at my transports, stunning the rhino, and shaking both chimera's

Turn Three
Gahris - I shifted my battle lines, and moved my Seraphim to the flank, Chimera squads moved up. Exorcist blew a turret off a Waveserpant
Fox - His warp spiders assaulted my Seraphim and 3 survived, I used hit and run and left combat

Turn Four
Gahris - Canoness and retinue shot melta at a transport, no effect. Storm troopers and Seraphim shot at the Warp Spiders and left only a single survivor. Exorcist made a Transport disappear
Fox - His Striking Scorpions outflanked straight into my Stormtroopers and killed them them outright. A few of my transports were shot at and became shaken. He did shoot at my Canoness and shot her to its along with her Immolator!

Turn Five
Gahris - I tank shocked the Scorpions right off the table with my Rhino. Guardsmen were on the run, but took out a squad of Eldar before they ran! Heavy Bolters munched a second squad of Guardians.
Fox - Shifted Skimmers around, and shot at my vehicles. Ended up knocking some weapons off, and shaking some Chimera's

Turn Six
Gahris - I finished off some more Guardians, and moved a Chimera on Fox's Objective. Exorcist blew up another tank.
Fox - Blew up a Chimera, but failed to kill the Guardsmen that were on his objective. Falcon went flat out to my objective, but was out of contesting range

Final Results - 2 Objectives for me. Was a great game and always entertaining when fighting Fox.

Highlight's of the Match
Sole surviving Warp Spider failing a difficult terrain test
Canoness being taken out by an exploding Waveserpant

Below are a few pictures from the match in no particular order

... Mitch

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