Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Grand Reopening and Review!

Yeah, it has been awhile!

I haven't been able to commit to anything Warhammer since August due to personal commitments, a few commissions and other time consuming projects!

Time for a review!

Today I will be reviewing Iron Halo bases which can be found at ironhalo.net More specifically I will be reviewing "The Fens" and "Scorched Earth".

The Fens

These bases will replicate shoreline, swamp and other wetland style areas very well. The material used looks like a medium density resin, with a yellowish color. Very little to no cleanup was needed to prep for priming. I used a Tamiya grey primer, which stuck very well. Detail is great and you can see all the bubbles and churning surface easily. I tried turning these bases into looking like a magma field, which I think worked very well. In a later review I will show a completed squad on the bases!

Scorched Earth

Next up is there Scorched Earth line of bases. They give the impression of an ash waste and are nice and smooth. Again detail was spot on. No clean up was needed beside a warm water bath with hand soap! Tamiya primer was used for this base set, and took the primer well. These I am doing up a grey and dark red ash waste look.

In the end I would rate Iron Halo resin products a 5 out of 5! High quality molds, Ease of use, Good prices and fast shipping! All great things that everyone wants. They can be found at http://ironhalo.net/

Other product reviews will be going live at about 1 per week so stay tuned! There will be resin terrain, bases and miniatures coming up so watch this space!

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  1. Welcome back. Glad to see this Ottawa blog live again..