Thursday, December 17, 2009

Apothecary WIP

Here is a Salamanders Apothecary I am currently working on. There isn't much to say about him besides he is white, and I hate painting white!

The green accents are snot green + chaos black at about a 90/10 mix. The white is from Reaper and its there pure white. I think it is more pure then GW's white. Some shining Gold there and Brazen Brass. Blues are P3 from the Cygnar set, and the reds are from reapers red triad.

To get the white night and bright over a black undercoat I put a layer of Reaper Storm cloud Grey before applying the white. I will be adding some weathering on the legs and wear surface with Vallejo pigments. The base is from Dark Art Miniatures, and is the lava flow design.

Anyone have any pointers on what to do next?

... Mitch


  1. You tried to paint white over black and it shows. You should thin your paints considerably from their current thickness - at least 1:1 with water, to avoid thick paint and brush lines as you have now. It will be impossible to cover black this way though, unless you are willing to paint about 10 layers of it.


    Buy yourself a pot of Foundation Gry (Astronomican?) and paint a coat of that over black, then thinned white in layers (as many as it takes) over that. Or better yet, start with a white primer/basecoat!

  2. Yeah, I really know I should thin the paint more. I used some reaper flow improver. Im going to wash the metal colors.

    Its pretty much my only white model in my army so :D

  3. Yea, white over black is about impossible. It's far better to build up from a dark gray, to a medium gray, to a light gray and then finally do white. When I do white on black I usually go Codex Gray > Fortress Grey > 1:1 Fortress/White > Skull White. And I make sure that the white is thinned considerably.