Thursday, June 24, 2010

Deamonhunters Codex: Answer from Gamesworkshop

I emailed Gamesworkshop to find out whats going on with the PDF codex released on the website. The only thing I edited is itallics, font color and spacing. I did censor out my email address for bot protection. Everything else is copied directly from my email.

From: Mitchell Boudreau

Sent: Thursday, June 24, 2010 10:34 AM

To: US Customer Service

Subject: Rule Book question

I noticed there is a codex: deamonhunters pdf now on the website
The english version is missing the inducted guard/marines, where the german/french/itallian/spanish version includes the allies part
Does that mean that English speaking people got a mistake on the book?
Does this PDF override the paper codex I just purchased for 30$?



The new PDF is up for the people who do not have access to buy the codex anymore. The missing Alies section in the U.S format is indeed a mistake. And whichever one the tournament/event organizer says to use is the one that we have to abide by. I know that for our tournaments we will be using the Physical codex and NOT the PDF. I hope this helps!


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Since I try to keep this blog a friendly place that is work safe and children safe, I have enabled comment moderation and have disabled posting on this article. Yes, this email is real. If you don't belive it, please email GW yourself. Everyone who commented and thanked me, a big thanks goes out to you! For those non-belivers, trolls and other unfriendly people, please go troll somewhere else. Haters are not welcome here. If you would like to contact me here is my email.
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