Thursday, June 24, 2010

Super Blog Chain Give Away

Looks like I won the Super Blog giveaway over at The Dark World of Geekdom. To continue the chain, I will be giving the winner a current edition codex or a set of brushes to the winner!

 For anyone who doesn't know how this works, here is how to do it;

 You must:
  • Have a blog
  • Have something you would like to give away to help fellow gamers
  • Hold a give away on your blog if you are the winner
  • Only enter once 
How to enter:

  • Comment on this blog post
  • The first sentence should say which codex you'd want or if you want some brushes and why
  • The second sentence needs to tell me what you plan on giving if you win
  • The third sentence should be your blog's address

When I get back from vacation on July 7th, I will pick winner and keep the chain going.

... Mitch


  1. Congrats Ottawa Gamer!!!


  2. I'd dig some new brushes- My old ones have gotten beat up pretty bad, especially after loaning them to a friend! o_o

    I plan on giving out either a set of four very well painted and based genestealers I got from a friend, or a nice set of dice of a color of the winner's choosing.

    You can find me at It's pretty bad so far, I know, but I figure I'd keep the ball rolling, even if it's just on some newb blog like mine.

  3. Mattarias > Email me at with your personal information, and I'll send a prize out