Sunday, March 15, 2009

Hobby Report: Stuff in the Pipes!

I am currently stockpiling Imperial Guard like its the cold war all over again. From trades, uber deals, and other sources I have accumilated the following:

70 Cadians
2 Leman Russ
2 Basilisk
6 Cadian Weapon teams
3 Catachan Weapon teams
2 Cadian Sentinals
1 Mars Pattern Sentinal
1 Cadian Command
1 colonel Gaunt + 6 Guant's Ghost ((going to a friend))
1 scratchbuilt chimera
1 kitbashed devildog
2 chimera
1 kitbashed sabre defence platform
30 Catachans ((going to a friend))
1 captain chenkov
10 Grey Knights
1 Inquisitor + 10man retune
1 Rhino
10 Inquisitorial storm troopers

About 95% of the models are unassembled. I will be wainting for the 5th edition codex to be released before I put any glue any anything! Anyone have any good ideas what can be built from what I have :D

The otherpart of my hobby: 1:72 scale armor kits
I love to build and paint these kits when I get burntout from warhammer. Its great fun! I still have a Panzer IIIm, PAK 40, Lepard1a5, Leclerc and build off the top of my head. Below is a sample of some WIP of some of my force!

... Mitch

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