Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Upcoming Release: Imperial Guard

May will be very exciting for myself and fellow Imperial Guard players. With a new codex army possibilities will be great and I hope to see more Guard players at my local game store. Below is some of the box art that we should expect to see.

As you can see we will be getting two new command box sets and a plastic Valkyrie. I know personally I will be purchasing one of each command squad being $25 CDN a set which will include alot of weapon options formally in metal only. The Valkyrie is an interesting option, but I may pass on it for awhile. I don't have any storm troopers at this time, and they would be the only squad I would have mounted in such a transport. The other reason is the cost, which is rumored to be $60 CDN. Since I will be purchasing a codex and 2 command sets this fabulous aircraft will have to wait!

... Mitch


  1. I've got my pennies saved for one of those Valk's although I've still got a baneblade that I brought when they first came out sitting on my shelf waiting to be painted. Too many projects, not enough time.

  2. If i can get my painting commission done before May 2nd, I'll be in business, otherwise I have no funds put aside for this new army :D