Tuesday, March 31, 2009

My Life

Here are a few pictures of my life and the things about it.

Sorry about the lack of contect related to 40k of late, but I have been painting up a storm for the commision I am working on.
Myself and my Car. Its a 1995 Monte Carlo built in Oshawa Ontario in June of 94. Its been very reliable and the ride is great. Its also for sale if anyone lives near Ottawa!
This is my Fiance Chantal. We met three years ago while working for a company called Teletech.
This is my Geosystem 80 tank, with Fluval 304 filter, Powerglow and lifeglow bulbs, plants are all live. Its hard to see but there is alot of bottom dwellers. I'm going to be "removing" alot of the plants that are seen on the back right this weekend.
The black cat is named Mavros and is a 2 year old male. The grey and white is a 5 year old female named Misty. The brown tabby is a female we took in for a few weeks to help her recover from URI. Her name is Myra.

Below is another picture with Misty teasing Mavros and Pinto. Pinto is a cat that we fostered for a few weeks while he recovered from URI.



  1. Yeah! A gamer with a life! Bravo and it's most encouraging! I got a family myself and they most certainly complement my gaming. My wife says being married to a geek is awesome, when I'm out she knows I'm at a game store and not a strip club. My boy is getting to the age where he's noticing what daddy does and loves to play with my D&D minis.

    Great games, great women, great life.

    We got it made don't we :)?

  2. And you a very talented painter. Just checked your flicker and was blown away. Where is your sign up for followers dude? Gonna have to keep and eye on this blog. Very well done stuff :)

  3. thanks for the comments. My fiance is VERY understanding considering the size of the hobby.

  4. also the flikr pictures on my blog are not mine, there random pictures :D