Thursday, September 10, 2009

For Sale: Dark Elves

90% of the models are stripped bare metal, assembled, or primed.

Up for sale is the following: (links are for reference, not my pictures)

1x Current Morathi on dark pegisus
3x Sorceress Riding Dark Steed old
1x Sorceress old
1x Sorceress new
2x Cold one General old
2x Old assasin
1x sorcerer old
1x Dark Elf Sorceress (avatars of war)
1x Dark Elf Witch / Queen (avatars of war)
2x Bolt throwers + crew
6x Dark Riders
8x REALLY OLD cold one riders (raptor style)
12x old black guard
8x Old witch elves
13x Current Witch Elves (including Command)
20x old cosairs
2x metal spearmen
~40x swordsmen
3x Swordsmen unit leaders
2x Army standards
2x metal horn blowers
26x metal crossbowmen
12x Current Shades
6x Current Harpies
48x Current Spearmen
10x Mangil Manflayers

Also comes with the current and previous edition of the codex, a 7th edition WHFB rulebook, and all the movement trays needed for the above force.

Asking $350 obo. You can email me offers

... Mitch

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