Monday, September 21, 2009

Green Stuff Commission

Today I will be providing a review of some work I had commissioned out.
I contacted a friend of mine Jason to create some Salamander themed accessories for my army I am currently rebuilding. You can reach him HERE if your interested in hiring him.
The first part of the project is scaled shoulder pads for my Sargent's. My theme will be that to become a squad leader, the marine in question has to find and kill his own Fire Drake to prove his worth. They turned out really well and very reptile looking. These is also two sets with a hanging cloth with more scales on it. This will be for my more veteran Sargent's, which will be a single assault and tactical marine.

The second part of this project was the cloak for the Captain of the company! His cloak was done in a similar way as Champlain Xavier is done. Jason was very skillful in his attention to detail, and he even added spines!
I would definitely recommend his services for anyone looking for custom greenstuff sculpting! You can also find some more examples of his work over HERE

... Mitch


  1. Nice stuff ..... simple and effective

  2. I love the cape it looks great, the shoulder pads I'd have to see in person.

  3. Looking forward to seeing them painted. I'm sure it will be a blog, at a later date.

  4. I love this! I think I will borrow the cape idea for my chapter master. The scales will go with my dragon theme.