Thursday, September 10, 2009

Space Hulk!

Yeah, I bought it at Fandom II for $113, which is a nice discount considering everyone I know paid $119. The box is very heavy and of good construction.

The rulebook is a little flimsy and may not last very long with heavy gaming. The terrain tiles are the thickest cardboard if ever seen for gaming, and might be thinking then furniture you buy at Ikea, LOL! The cardboard has been impressed with raised detail which makes it worth it for sure!

The miniatures are really nice sculpts, and they did a wonderful job considering these are "snap together" models. The terminators are a red plastic which seems a little more brittle then grey plastic. I can see a few weak spots on the miniatures which will wear out or damage easily. The Captain with powerswords has "hanging bits" on his cape, the backpack iron halo bits, lightning claw armed terminator and the hanging "drip" icons all seem prone to damage.

The Genestealers look to be much more durable, minus the claws and pointy bits. The "classic" pose of Genestealers are really nice and stable on the bases provided. The Broodlord is great, and I can see alot of people using him in there normal 40k armies. The only downside, is the provided bases on the wall crawling style of Genestealers. There very unstable and are larger then the 25mm squares of the board. I may end up buying a box of normal Genestealers to replace them and using the wall crawlers for a diorama, etc.

In the end, its a great purchase and as an added bonus, my Fiance actually likes the game! Its a miracle, since its the only miniature/war/sci-fi/fantasy/historical game she has ever tried and liked!!

... Mitch

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  1. Congrats. Looking forward to playing this game. I think the method they use on the floor tiles is called 'debossed'. It is similar to embossing, but more durable. Too bad about the point bits on the models. They should of tooled them for durability, as it is a limited run game, after all.