Sunday, February 20, 2011

First Game!

So my first game is against Sallieman, who was also my ride to the event!

His list:

Pitched Battle, Annihilation.  Table has some ruins in the middle and a few hills.  Pretty open :D

So he won the roll to go first.  Deploying war walkers in the ruins near his side.

Setting up his skimmers around the ruins.  I plan on deploying my tanks to one side and setting up the loganstar to give them cover.  His jetbikes are on my left, I think I will setup opposite to that side.

Setup in a line with the wolfblob, logan attached to long fangs.  Did not steal the initiative.

-Hes advancing bus skimmers slowly with jetbikes as well.
-His shooting shakes one razorback, blows up another.  Jetbikes kill 1 wolfguard with cannons.

-I advance the logansquad and shuffle vehicles about.
-Shooting immobilizes + wepaon destroys asurmen's squad, walkers have all their weaps blow up.  One falcon is shaken, other serp is shaken and one falcon is good.  2 bikes die but pass their ld test

Turn 2)
-skimmers move up, asurmen leaves his ride and the walkers retreat.  one squad of dragons pops out to nuke a razorback and spiders move up to blow up a razorback
-logan takes a wound from jetbikes shooting

-logan and friends move towards unloaded fire dragons to assault them.  somehow one lives and passes his ld test (woot)
-both falcons are shaken, warp spiders are annihilated.  jetbikes lose a man but pass their LD test

-Serpent with avengers moves to my board edge to unload avengers and bladestorm a squad of three hunters.
-falcon unloads a squad of fire dragons. only one hits and immobilizes the speeder!
-war walkers move back to his table edge

-Logansquad moves to assault avengers and jetbikes.  combat is sad and i win only by one.
-his vebicles are shaken but otherwise fine
-land speeder flames 3 dragons, laughs are had by all

-Skimmers start shuffling around, not much else happens
-2 dragons blow up a dread :(
-avengers shoot up a speeder, it cant shoot next turn
-termies + logan kill jetbikes, avengers run away

-one serpent is immobilized, logan kills the avengers and termies blow up the serpent

-Asurmen get a lucky fleet roll and get close enough to assault the long fangs.  whah oh.
-Skimmers shuffle around

-Last Serpent is killed, the rest of my shots whiff
-Long Fangs are destroyed in assault

Game ends, KP-s are 8-6 for me.

A few quick thoughts:
-Holofields are, as always, annoying as all heck to work around
-Immobilizing Asurmen's ride was crucial to stop him from getting into assault.  I should have poured more firepower into it (instead I just got lucky)
-Should have kept a closer eye on Asurmen's squad
-Setup was good on my part I think, gave myself room to move around
-Oh I fused the two 5-man wolf guard squads into one big blob and I think it was the right move.  Much scarier to assault with and gave me an empty razorback for a squad that was dismounted in the game

Time for lunch, see you guys after the break!

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