Friday, February 18, 2011

Dragon Forge Design

Today I have a small sample of Dragon Forge bases that I will be reviewing. Jeff Wilhelm is the owner and operator of Dragon Forge Design.

The detail on these bases is amazing. The sculpting is very sharp, and shows that Jeff is very skilled. These bases are amazing and require no explaining! Crisp detail, no flash, sharp edges! 

The designs that I have are cobblestone, deck plating, and some ruins. They fit their theme very well and are different enough that across and army, you wouldn't be bored them them. The resin used to cast these have a very plastic feel, and don't chip easy. I took a few and tossed them decently good, and no damage was done!

10/10 indeed here!

... Mitch


  1. Thank you for the review, I think I am going to order from them for my Imperial Fist army

  2. What's the best place to buy these? Any store in ottawa carries them?